Alexandra McGreggor
Alexandra Teatherton O'Mackey McGreggor

Aspiration: Popularity

Sign: Gemini

Degree: None

Career: Adventurer

Position: Dread Pirate

Predestined Hobby: Unknown

Lifetime Aspiration: Become Captain Hero (Not Met)


Full Name: Alexandra Lenia Teatherton O'Mackey McGreggor

Parents: Sarah Teatherton, Johnathan Teatherton

Maiden Name: Teatherton

Siblings: None

Spouse(s): Gabe O'Mackey (Divorced), Leod McGreggor

Children: Jules O'Mackey, Anthea McGreggor, Jackson McGreggor, Cecilia McGreggor Twins!, Amelia McGreggor Twins!


Alexandra Teatherton McGreggor lives, with her husband and children, at 115 Old Farm Road in the town of Riverblossom Hills. She formerly lived at 211 Huckleberry Lane with her now ex-husband, Gabe O'Mackey, and their daughter, Jules O'Mackey. Gabe, with his second wife and child, still reside at the location. Jules lives in the city of Cambelton with husband, Bryan Rossi.

Bio: After liberating the Ginormous Gem of Summerville, Alexandra knew she would become a Dread Pirate. Will she get the recognition she deserves or end up swabbing the decks?

Through The Years

Alexandra Teatherton O'Mackey McGreggor Alexandra Teatherton O'Mackey McGreggor
Adult (Makeover)