Leod McGreggor
Leod McGreggor

Aspiration: Fortune

Sign: Sagittarius

Degree: None

Career: Unemployed

Position: N/A

Predestined Hobby: Nature

Lifetime Aspiration: Become Business Tycoon (Not Met)


Full Name: Leod Rory McGreggor

Parents: Fiona Wallace, Donald McGreggor

Siblings: None

Spouse(s): Alexandra Teatherton

Children: Anthea McGreggor, Jackson McGreggor, Cecilia McGreggor Twins!, Amelia McGreggor Twins!


Leod McGreggor lives, with his wife and children, at 115 Old Farm Road in the town of Riverblossom Hills where he farms the land first tilled by his grandfather Rory years before.

Bio: Leod comes from a long line of farmers. He left his homeland to start his own farm but will he be able to run it without the help of friends and family?

Through The Years

Leod McGreggor Leod McGreggor