Jules Rossi
Jules O'Mackey

Aspiration: Poplarity

Sign: Aries

Degree: Philosophy

Career: Journalism

Position: Internet Movie Critic

Predestined Hobby: Games

Lifetime Aspiration: Become Mayor (Not Met)


Full Name: Jules Pauline O'Mackey Rossi

Parents: Gabe O'Mackey, Alexandra Teatherton

Step-Parents: La Shawn Cameron, Leod McGreggor

Maiden Name: O'Mackey

Siblings: None

Half-Siblings: Anthea McGreggor, Tatum O'Mackey, Jackson McGreggor, Cecilia McGreggor Twins!, Amelia McGreggor Twins!

Spouse(s): Bryan Rossi

Children: Meredith-Lynn Rossi, Jacqueline Rossi


Jules O'Macky currently lives, with her husband and daughters, at Seaspray Apartments I in the city of Cambelton. She grew up, with her father, at 211 Huckleberry Lane in the town of Riverblossom Hills. As a young adult, she attended Skasimlaki State University, majoring in Philosophy, and lived at Landgrabb House Dorms.

Life Events of Note


  • Graduated Public School with an A+

  • Worked an after-school job as a Journalism/Fact Checker

  • Enrolled in Skasimlaki State University

  • Went to college with §4,000 in scholarships:
    • SimCity Scholar's Grant (§1,000)
    • Will Wright Genius Grant (§750)

  • Majored in Philosophy

  • Graduated Cum Laude
    • Final GPA: 3.8

Through The Years

Jules O'Mackey Jules O'Mackey Jules O'Mackey
Young Adult