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Synopsis of Me - The Quickie

They say patience is a virtue, and I've got little enough of it to spare. I have come to realize that a lot of people come to this website and are blown over by the amount of crap I have here. Yes, there's a lot to digest. But most people just come here for a quick rundown - to learn a little bit more about this certain individual.

So this is for those of you that don't want to wade through all the muck just to learn the basics:

My name is Shanna (yes, named after the book). I live in the southern U.S. with my 3 cats and boyfriend. I'm 29, a true-blue Scorpio (Nov. 6) and am an I.T. Tech; I also own my own very small web design business, Scorpion Ink Web Design. Though I get paid to work with computers, my true gift and passion is writing. My website is peppered with my various stories, poetry, & erotica. I can also be quite the opinionated little wench. I believe religion is a personal thing, and therefore adhere to no particular sect; though I consider my lifestyle to be somewhat Buddhist-Pagan.

I'm in a long-term relationship and not looking, but if you're the determined, loves-a-challenge type, I'm vamp_lynx on Yahoo! Messenger. The chance of me meeting you offline is none to nil - but like I said, don't let that stop you (it never does anyway).

I collect quotations (ardently) and love vampires (but I'm not goth), am not to be crossed (revenge is my middle name), love a good laugh (always), won't tolerate stupidity (ever). I'm a rare breed of girl-gamer, and play lots of The Sims 2, World of Warcraft and Everquest II.

The Basics

I absolutely hate it when people use "a/s/l?" as an opening statement online. Would you walk up to someone in real life and say that? Start out with something interesting, and work those questions into the conversation if it's so important to you.

I like to cut out any excess aggravation - on my old site I had a page that listed the basics about myself; the things you generally go over when getting to know someone. That way, if someone comes to my site before talking to me, we can skip over all the formalities and talk about something interesting other than which toothpaste I use and the color of my hair.

Nov 6 1977 / 29
I honestly have no idea; I don't weigh myself
Long-term relationship
No, and, no, I do not want any
Long and brunette
Scorpion and Ouroborus
Only my ears now, but I've had a few in my day
Yes, of course
Yes, obviously


Some things I love forever, some things only for the moment. Being the intensely passionate little person that I am, I have lots of loves and favorites and here are some of them.

  Love It Hate It
Movie Braveheart Attic Explorations
TV Show Golden Girls / Law & Order All reality shows
Color Blood red Navy blue
Font Verdana Times New Roman
Insect Dragonfly Cockroach
Male Body-type Skinny, well-built/toned Burly, over-muscled
Cartoon Family Guy Bad cartoons are like bad pizza
Actress Angelina Jolie Jessica Simpson
Actor Edward Norton Vin Diesel
Music Genre Acid Jazz & Trance Country, Modern Pop
Curse Word Fuck I love them all
Animal Cats, of all kinds There isn't one
Number Seven One
Day Saturday Sunday & Monday
Holiday Halloween Easter
Food Pizza Mayonnaise
Drink Water Iced tea
Fast Food Wendy's Burger King
Person Rob Brezsny Scott Stapp

Things I Really Love (The Random Love Ramble)

Rain, BT, Linda Goodman, Alice in Chains, True Romance, The Crystal Method, Anne Rice, incense, Matthew McConaughey, Fight Club, Christina Ricci, sunflowers, lavender, Mardi Gras, Liv Tyler, cemetaries, Stephen Dorff, kumquats, Practical Magic, my garden, Outkast, kissing, Dan Fogelberg, Sublime, cobblestone streets, a good storm, Mallrats, my computer (custom-built), Linkin Park, black ink pens, The Ring, strawberries, LOTR (books & movies)..., Mari Mari, water, autumn, lazy days, wine out on the patio at sunset, my car (Stella), candlelit bubblebaths, rain, Free Cell, windy days, a Full Moon, Easy Mac, my digital camera (Pentax 33LF), pot-luck dinners with my friends, a good smoke, my family, Everything But the Girl, loud music while driving, Mahjong, being naked, cold & soggy French fries, going out to eat, kitty-cat kisses, typing, Beta fish, getting a new hair cut/dye, nostalgia, cheesecake, the ocean...

And Other Useless Information...

If there is possibly anything else you want to know about me you're either very bored, or a stalker. Either way, the rest of this pointless page consists of those little survey-question thingies you always get in email from your friends. Sometimes they're more interesting than the average "What's your favorite color", and I've recorded my answers here...for an even more in depth look into this strange mind.

Each link will open a new, small window.

The Personality Survey

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The Usual

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This One Covers The Same, and More

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The Listy List

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Finish These 40


No Lying

Loooooooooooooooong one

Can't Sleep Survey

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