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About This Fanlisting

This fanlisting was originally started by Heather of Twisted Nerve Productions. It was lovingly adopted by me, Shanna & skatoolaki.com, in May 2005.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Heather for allowing me the chance to run this fanlisting for my favorite song, and my favorite band, and for putting together such a great fanlisting in the first place! Thank you, Heather.

About Shanna

I am a member of quite a few other fanlistings, and owner of three [Love Bites, Isadora Duncan, and John Foxx].

I am a writer, web designer, i.t. tech, and consumate Def Leppard fan. In my teen years, I had a Lep collection worth over $2500 (I still have a good portion of it). I've seen the guys four times in concert - Adrenalize Tour, New Orleans, 17 Feb 1993; Adrenalize Tour, New Orleans, 15 Sep 1993; Slang Tour, August 1997, Houston; Rock of Ages Tour, New Orleans, 24 Jul 2005.

I met all of them, except for Sav, in Houston in 1997 - and got my jacket autographed (one of my most prized possessions). Though I've lost the photos of that meeting (I'll never forgive myself), it is still one of my most cherished memories.

What's a Fanlisting?

From The Fanlistings Network: A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a subject...that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join.

And This Fanlisting?

The LBF is one for the #1 hit Def Leppard song "Love Bites" which came out in 1988 and appeared on the band's fourth studio album Hysteria.

About Love Bites

The song "Love Bites" by the rock group Def Leppard appeared as track #4 on their 1987 album Hysteria.

"Love Bites" was released as a single August 13, 1988, b/w "Billy's Got a Gun" (Live). The song went on to hit the #1 spot as its peak position.

"Love Bites" was the fifth single to be released from Hysteria, and the first number one hit for the band.

October 8, 1988 is the date "Love Bites" hit the #1 mark. It stayed there for one week.

The video for "Love Bites" was shot in May 1988 at Wisseloord Studios in Holland.

Love Bites Lyrics

"Love Bites" info page on Wikipedia

"Love Bites" video from YouTube, press PLAY to watch:

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