Why Teresa Noreen?

Most fans aren't pleased at the thought of some nameless model becoming a live representation of our favorite game. I, like most fans, feel that Antonia should be represented by a fellow gamer; even better, a fellow Everquest fan.

Let me introduce you to Teresa Noreen. Teresa not only boasts the integrity, grace, and beauty of Queen Antonia - she is an Everquest II gamer. Though a model with an established and growing career, Teresa is also a down-to-earth RPG'er and MMORPG'er!

No fears of some model looking only to further her career; someone who might, under other circumstances, snub their nose at gamers - Teresa is the perfect person to represent Everquest and Queen Antonia Bayle.

Fans do not love Teresa simply because she is a fellow gamer. Being Antonia is important to her - a fact that was proven by the time she took to make replica costumes, backdrops and take specific photos showing her likeness to Antonia.

Teresa went out of her way to prepare and present herself for this contest. She isn't looking to just further her career, she cares about representing Antonia and everything she stands for.

These are only a few of the reasons that the fans gave Teresa the highest vote of all the five candidates (6.84). Teresa Noreen is, without a doubt, the fans' choice to represent Antonia Bayle.

 !    Teresa Speaks (as presented on Teresa's website).

"I would be honored to represent our Antonia Bayle. I've grown to realize that what's inside her is in all of us if we just listen hard enough."

- Teresa Noreen



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