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Satellite Families of Astoria

April 10, 2011 By: Gov. Riley Category: Astoria, Rainger Family, The Sims 3 No Comments →

Now that we are entering the fourth generation of the Rainger Legacy, the satellite families are beginning to form.  It's quite interesting to see how the game's AI will play my satellite characters.

I sent 2nd Gen sim, Elisabetta Rainger, out into the world and she became a Burial Specialist at the local cemetery, married rich sim Elbert Wainwright and had a son, Gerald Wainwright.

My 3rd Gen sim, Katie Su, went into the world and bought a home, the "Cozy Craftsman", at 28 Sim Lane.  She is currently dating Noe Zimmer; the Zimmer's live next door to Katie's aunt Elisabetta across the street from Maruna Ocean.  She works at the cemetery with her aunt as Overseer of the Dead.\

Both Edie and Julia are Young Adults now and the time has come to choose which will be the the next heir -  it's a tough choice as I like them both; maybe I'll roll the die for this one.