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Revisiting The Collen Legacy Satellite Families

August 06, 2008 By: Gov. Riley Category: Collen Family, Holland Family, How I Play, Jocque Family, Lillard Family, Pinstar Parish, St. Baume Parish, Viridian Parish, Wright Parish No Comments →

As the Collen Legacy - reaching its Tenth Generation - came to a close, I had long abandoned the satellite families that had built up and been left to wait in perpetual lingo until I felt like returning to them.  Recently, I have been doing, however, exactly that.

The satellite families - as you can see from this page - are not few, but each has its own story to tell and develop.  They all deserve a second chance at seeing the light of day and living out their lives and beginning their own legacies, do they not?  As of late, just where those stories & lives might lead has been piquing my curiosity and so I have begun to revisit these families.

I began not quite at the top, with Perry Lillard, of the Third Generation, who lost the heir bid to older brother, Ian Lillard.  Perry, a Romance sim, moved to Scion City where he met and married Downtownie Emmy Kearney; whom I later learned was part of the Tricou-Downtownie-Children pool (six random Downtownies all mysteriously fathered by deceased sim, Jon Smith Tricou).  Perry and Emmy had a son, Holden Lillard.  Here the three sat ever-afterwards, waiting for me to play them once more.

It was many expansions ago that I first set up the little Lillard family, so their lives have been enriched since I picked them up again.  The couple had a second child, Heather Lillard, and Emmy is currently pregnant with their third.  Perry is working his way up the Journalism career (and seducing the city's female population), and Emmy - a Family sim - when not making babies, is in the Education field.

I'm quite excited about moving along each of these families, and wish I could play them all simultaneously!  It shall be interesting to see where they all go from here, and to see the Collen Legacy itself so very much expanded.  I'll be recounting all of it here for you, of course, so do stay tuned.

My Goths

March 21, 2008 By: Gov. Riley Category: Goth Family, Wright Parish No Comments →

Arguably The Sims most famous family, the Goth family has been around for over eight years. They first made an appearance in Goth Mansion in the original The Sims game (released in 2000), and then reappeared - to everyone's delight - with a dramatic and mysterious storyline in The Sims 2 in 2004.

Though a faint storyline to follow was laid out when you first loaded the game, everyone took their Goth family on different paths. I always find it interesting to see how others' developed the storylines and lives of the Sims that came with the game in the default neighborhoods.

Though I sometimes wish I'd been a more experienced player before starting in on Pleasantview (without a doubt, it'd be a much juicier tale) - I was a The Sims 2-novice when I started playing out the lives of its inhabitants. It was the first 'hood I played, and I played it extensively - with a few dips over into Strangetown (I have still, in four years, never taken an interest in Veronaville) - for quite awhile before moving on and creating my first custom 'hood (Magda-Crist County, now part of St. Baume Parish).

All that said, I thought it would be a good time to introduce my Goth family to the world. Though I have not played them in quite some time, I am still very fond of them and have plans to return to their lives eventually.

In my Pleasantview, which resides in lovely Wright Parish, Cassandra Goth did, in fact, marry the womanizing Don Lothario. At the time, she was ignorant of his playboy ways and I truly wanted her to be happy. She deserved it - losing her mother, having to help raise her younger brother, and watching her father drool after her uncle's young widow had to take its toll on the young woman - especially when all she wanted was a family. I let Cassandra's desperate need for structure and love rule out over common sense and she married the man she thought she loved, and who she thought loved her.

In my mind, Don was only in it for the money. He left his small condo and moved into Cassandra's huge, family mansion. He tried, I will give it to him, to make it work. Yet as soon as Cassandra was busy with their first child - a daughter they named Bella - he was back to his philandering ways. Soon Don was in line to be a father again - and again. Yes, he had managed to get not only his wife pregnant, but his mistress - Nina Caliente - knocked up as well. Those births - little Ethan with his wife and Don Jr. with Nina - both sent Don staring into the psychiatrist's whirly-gig.

Not long after his sons were born, Cassandra came home from work to find Don in the hot tub with Nina.  For whatever reason, maybe being a mother did it, Cassandra found some inner strength (and self-respect) and divorced her no-good husband. I was proud of her.

Love was not lost, however, because months later Cassandra found her true love with the family maid - a friend who had stayed over many a night after Don left helping her with her children and giving her a shoulder to cry on. Remington Harris was also a family-oriented Sim, so the match could not have been more perfect. Together they began to create the large family they both so desperately desired.

First, they had a beautiful daughter, Bonnie, (who later married Don Jr.!). Bonnie was quickly followed by a sister, Adrienne, and brother, Finley. Next came young Nolan and, last but not least, the twins, Jonas and Josette. They are one of the happiest, most fulfilled families in the game.

As for Don, he went on to marry widower Brandi Broke, with whom he had twin daughters, Catelyn and Isabel. He also went on to father a number of other children with other women - nearly over-populating Pleasantview with Lothario genes. But that's another family and another post...

Back to the core Goth household:  Old Mortimer did, indeed, marry the stunning gold-digger and his ex-sister-in-law, Dina Caliente. They had one child together, a son they named Jaren, but Mortimer died before he reached childhood. Dina went on to marry a number of also elderly and rich men before settling down with Headmaster B.J. Ryan and having a small brood - Salena, Rianne, and Spencer - with him.

The youngest Goth member, Alexander, married pretty, Asian Sim Chén Jun. Jun came from a large family herself, after her parents - Duc and Guan-yin - moved to the United States when she and her sister, Lian, were young girls. Alex and Jun created quite a "brood" - ensuring the Goth line will go on strong for many years to come. Their children are: Nadine, Mortimer, twins Gideon and Grayson, Broderick, and twins Emma and Abbie.

As a clause in Mortimer's will, Cassandra kept her own surname instead of taking on any husband's, so that all of her children will, also, have the Goth surname. With Cassandra and Alex's over-sized families, it is safe to say Goth will remain a prominent name in Wrigh Parish for a very long time.