Sharla Gray
Sharla Ottomas

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Aries

Degree: Economics

Career: Paranormal

Position: Police Psychic

Predestined Hobby: Fitness

Lifetime Aspiration: Graduate 3 Children from College (Not Met)


Parents: Samantha Ottomas, Peter Ottomas

Maiden Name: Ottomas

Siblings: David Ottomas, Tommy Ottomas, Courtney Ottomas Twins!, Crystle Ottomas Twins!

Spouse(s): Peter Gray

Children: Brooke Gray, Leta Gray, Jude Gray Twins!, Colton Gray Twins!


Sharla Gray lives, with her husband and children, at 146 Huckleberry Lane in Riverblossom Hills. As a young adult, she attended Skasimlaki State University, majoring in Drama then Economics, and lived at Landgrabb House Dorms. She grew up, with her family and grandmother, at 200 Strawberry Hill in Riverblossom Hills.

Life Events of Note


  • Graduated Public School with an B-

  • Enrolled in Skasimlaki State University

  • Went to college with §0 in scholarships

  • Majored in Drama, then switched to Economics her Junior year

  • Graduated
    • Final GPA: 3.1

Through The Years

Sharla Ottomas Sharla Ottomas Sharla Ottomas Sharla Ottomas
Young Adult