At Scorpion Ink, web design is what I do. Using my skills and expertise to bring you a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind, quality website is what I'm all about.

All websites are different, and each of our customers unique. Be sure to check out my portfolio for examples of my work.


Your Website

Every website is different - just as every individual, customer, and business is unique. Here, at Scorpion Ink, I want to give you a website that will reflect your business or public persona in the best way possible; to really give your online users a feel for who you are and what you can offer.

I do this one of two ways: by offering a custom-built, one-of-a-kind website or by creating a functional, efficient, and professional website by using a pre-made template.

What is the difference, you ask? There are advantages to both options, and it all really depends on what you are looking for. Cost- and time-wise your best bet is to go with a pre-made template; you can browse through hundreds of templates already made to have an idea of your website is going to look like (anything on the templates can be changed/adjusted to work with your unique content). If, however, none of the templates offered move you, we can work out a custom-built site - which takes a bit more time and cost to implement - but which will be wholly unique to you and your business.


Template-Based Websites

These days, most of my work is done with templates. It saves on time and cost so that I can get you a quality website for an affordable price in a much quicker amount of time.

I use the web templates, all CSS-based, at and a few other places (see here). There are hundreds to choose from and new templates are added on a regular basis. All templates can be re-worked, added to, or changed to fit with your design and idea.

As an example, look at my personal website - The Brandon Children. It was built using the Aged Beauty template; looking at the two you can see how versatile a template truly is! The template simply gives us something to build on and work from - and cuts down on the design cost.

Websites based on templates are free for design with a $25/page re-design cost. Other features that will cost extra are:

  • Form pages, $15/each
  • Custom-manipulated graphics, $25/each

All other fees - hosting and maintenance - apply as normal.


Custom-Design Websites

Custom websites are a lot more work, and take more time to implement - it's like a building a home from the ground-up rather than modifying an existing structure.

Custom-designed websites cost $100/page - flat rate.

Other features that will cost extra are:

  • Form pages, $15/each
  • Custom-manipulated graphics, $25/each

Maintenance & Hosting Cost

Maintenance fees are $10/month, the Maintenance Package, which will include:

  • Site updates
  • Text & Image additions, editing, and deletions

New pages are $100/page for Custom-Design sites and $25/page for Template-Based sites. If you do not choose to go with the Maintenance Package, I charge $10/hour for website changes/updates, with a minimum of one hour for service.

Site hosting is $10/month which will include:

  • 50 MB Storage Space
  • 1 GB Monthly Data Transfer

In summary, $20/month will cover maintenance and hosting for your website. This mothly fee will be set up through PayPal for ease of billing and payment.

* The maintenance and hosting fees do not cover the initial design cost of your website.

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