1. I have a fold on my left earlobe – I read once that ancient Irish lore claims this is the mark of a fairy or an elf
2. I was obsessed with a rock band in high school (Def Leppard)
3. I tried being a stripper for a while, but it wasn't my bag (only for a few weeks)
4. I am right-handed, but I hold my pencil like a left-handed person
5. I have hazel eyes
6. I've been told I have a body that is "made to sin"
7. I absolutely love cold, soggy French fries (sitting out about 3 hours is perfect!)
8. I do not have a college degree
9. I used to cut myself
10. The dragonfly is my favorite insect
11. I am extremely open about my sexuality and sexual life
12. Enlightenment is the single most important thing in life to me
13. My totem animals are the panther and the snake
14. I have two tattoos – an ouroborus (serpent eating its own tail) and a scorpion (my zodiac sign)
15. My first love was known as "Spoon"
16. Sex is extremely important to me
17. If I had to describe myself in one word that word would be: Passionate
18. I lost my virginity at the age of 18
19. I'm lactose-intolerant
20. I was born with bad knees
21. I drink black tea 1-2 x's a day
22. I have a younger sister and a younger brother
23. I love beer
24. I'm a web designer
25. I drive a navy blue 1996 Mazda Miata – her name is Stella
26. I name just about everything I own
27. I'm only 4'10"
28. I love plants and working in my garden
29. I write erotica
30. I think that I am beautiful (you have to work hard to achieve this one!)
31. In high school I was shy and withdrawn
32. I'm not a Christian
33. I graduated high school in 1995
34. My favorite color is blood red
35. My birthday is November 6
36. I like to read dictionaries
37. I want to have my name legally changed (surname only)
38. I am independent
39. My school bus was hit by a train when I was in Kindergarten
40. I suck at Math – I think I may be Math-illiterate
41. I believe in, and practice, astrology
42. I have a scar on the right side of my face (where my nose starts) from a dog bite when I was 5
43. I was a blonde for two years
44. My arms are covered in scars from when I used to cut myself – but I don't hide them
45. I think a good cry is cleansing
46. I'm really a hermit-at-heart
47. I'm a hopeless romantic
48. I'm not much into expensive jewelry
49. I hate reality TV
50. I believe in reincarnation
51. I hate talking on the phone
52. I was raised Methodist
53. I think people who drive and talk on their cell phones should be beaten
54. I have a weird fear of stickers & sticky things
55. I love the smell of fresh cut grass probably more than anything
56. I'd take a good storm over a sunny day any time
57. I lived in southern California in 1997
58. My first car was white, two-door 1995 Toyota Tercel
59. I can be a real bitch
60. I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
61. 7 is my favorite number
62. I love to dance
63. I don't believe in marriage
64. I don't want children
65. I once broke into someone's house to steal back my Def Leppard tapes (this person stole them from me)
66. I am emotionally strong
67. I don't drink any soft drinks
68. I don't go anywhere without a handy bottle of Pepto Bismol
69. I am bisexual
70. My Mom is one of my closest and best friends
71. I only wear socks in the winter
72. I've played Everquest on the PC since 2001
73. The first CD I ever bought was Travis Tritt
74. I cannot whistle
75. I never trust anyone or anything completely – not even myself
76. I live by a conglomeration of the Golden Rule ('Do unto others..') & The Wiccan Rede ('Whatever you do will come back to you 3x's as strong') together
77. I think the female body is beautiful
78. I smoke Camel Ultra Lights and I love smoking
79. I hate roaches
80. I can't decide if I prefer white or red wine
81. I wear hardly any makeup (eyeliner and lipstick is all)
82. I like to color my hair
83. I collect quotations
84. I've never had a cavity or braces
85. I think true beauty is on the inside
86. The only 2 magazines I subscribe to are Maxim and Light & Healthy Cooking
87. I have been in love with Angelina Jolie since "Hackers"
88. My first job was in a video rental store
89. I went to a private school
90. I'm godmother to the two coolest kids in the world (and I'm not even Catholic!)
91. Since I'm not Catholic, I consider myself a "Fairy Godmother" to my godchildren
92. I'm bad about keeping in touch with my friends
93. I love crawfish
94. My musical tastes are very diverse
95. I am the one everyone comes to with their problems
96. I'm very lazy
97. I believe I was born to be a writer
98. I don't own many shoes
99. I always make a wish when the numbers on the clock are the same (i.e. 3:33)
100. I think vampires are sexy


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