Coming up with 100 things about yourself is hard, but not terribly. How about trying to come up with 100 more? I thought it'd be a bit of a challenge, so why not...

1. I keep my old driver's license picture (99-02) on me to prove to people that I was once a bottle-blonde
2. My favorite stuffed animal growing up was named 'Lori' and was a pink cat or bear (no one could ever tell just which)
3. I drink water all day long and order only water when I go out to fast food joints
4. As a child I preferred fruits over candy
5. When I was young and before I found out I had a bum knee, I took dance: ballet, tap and jazz.
6. I believe in faeries.
7. I was not popular in high school.
8. I listen to, and love, Dan Fogelberg
9. My pinky toes are so small that the toenails are almost non-existent
10. 'Wax poetic' is one of my favorite terms
11. I'm a Scorpio with a Virgo Moon
12. I've lived alone and supported myself, and loved it
13. I've been homeless
14. I taught myself the basics of web design in a marathon 12-hour all-nighter
15. Nothing stops me if I have a passionate interest in something
16. I lose interest in things very quickly
17. I'm in no way, shape or form 'modest'
18. New Orleans is the city that has my heart
19. I'm generally a good speller
20. I'm a female i.t. tech and self-professed 'puter-geek
21. I've never been good at telling myself 'no'
22. I am an undiagnosed emotional/mental mess but I refuse to get on any medication
23. Mental meds make me a pastel me - which is not me
24. I'm proud of my Cajun heritage
25. I drink a lot
26. I'm an aggressive and defensive driver
27. I'm very opinionated
28. My Libra is in Venus, which means I'm "in love with love"
29. I am impulsive
30. I have little to no patience, though I believe "patience is a virtue"
31. It is hard to find clothes that fit my body properly
32. I can make any shirt seem slutty - and it's a pain in the ass
33. I curse a lot and take pride in being foul-mouthed
34. I talk very fast
35. Laguna Beach, CA is a very special place to me
36. I'm on a Girls Gone Wild video
37. I worked as a telemarketer once
38. I'm an empath
39. My Mars is in Leo
40. I've been spiritually married
41. I've seriously contemplated suicide
42. "Wuthering Heights" and "The Count of Monte Cristo" are two of my most favorite books
43. "Star Signs" by Linda Goodman is as well
44. I was once an apprentice for a full-time Dominatrix
45. Mayonnaise disgusts me
46. Halloween is my favorite holiday
47. I don't believe in religion, nor do I adhere to any particular sect
48. I always set the alarm clock for odd times (6:03, 7:32, etc.)
49. I have a blood fetish
50. I'd like to learn to speak Cajun French, Scots Gaelic and ancient Greek
51. My first "celebrity crush" was on Prince - I was in Kindergarten
52. The first celebrity I ever visualized while masturbating was Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
53. I used to lisp "S's" but only do now if I talk about this past speech impediment
54. I collect sexually-focused astrology books
55. I met Robert Englund in Laguna Beach, CA
56. Listening to Tool makes me horny
57. I hate cell phones
58. My Mercury is in Scorpio in the 10th House, which makes me an intuitive and powerful writer/speaker
59. My openness shocks most people
60. Just seeing a kitten (even on TV) will bring me to tears
61. I don't cry easily; my eyes may water, but it is rare that it gets past that point
62. I used to cry at the drop of a hat
63. I don't have a problem accepting compliments
64. I could live off of pizza
65. If there were no more pizza left on Earth, I could also live off of mac n' cheese
66. I love the taste of beer
67. I don't drink hard liquor
68. I will drink champagne for any reason
69. I was once shot in the leg with a blunt-tipped arrow
70. I've never seen anyone die
71. I love anything forensics-related
72. Linda Goodman is the deceased person I most would've liked to have met
73. I've always looked for a man who can put my feisty ass in its place - I think I've found him
74. I love to pamper myself with candlelit bubble baths
75. I once had my tongue pierced
76. The older I get the more I like the idea of being semi-settled
77. I have found my Twin Soul in this lifetime
78. My first real job was as a secretary
79. I hate my penmanship
80. I usually sleep with an amethyst under my pillow to help me better remember my dreams
81. I love gummi bears
82. I have a problem sticking with anything long-term, except for relationships
83. At the age of 26, I've only had two boyfriends and both were serious and long-term
84. I'm not into one-night stands
85. All of my tattoos are spiritually-based and have deep meaning for me
86. Up until just a few years ago I only ate my burgers plain and my pizza only ever had pepperoni on it
87. I didn't eat cheese or anything with cheese on it for 7 years because of my lactose intolerance
88. I've known my best friend since Kindergarten
89. He's one of the most special people in my life
90. I love the beach
91. My Mom and I are more like sisters and friends than mother-daughter - we always have been
92. I love to get into deep discussions/dissertations about religious beliefs and spirituality
93. I believe in the perfect synchronicity of the universe
94. I hate needles - I can slice up my own arms with a blade, but giving blood makes me almost pass out
95. I believe struggle is required for growth
96. I've gone out with people I've met online before
97. I'd still, as an adult, rather fruit over sweets
98. I would love to remember my past lives
99. I'm a Solitaire-Mahjong-Free Cell junkie; I play at least one of these numerous times a day
100. My eyes turn green when I cry or have just woken up.


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