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August 12-13 is the Contest in Las Vegas! BEST OF LUCK, Teresa!

Teresa gives a nod to "Teresa for Queen" and myself in an August 8 interview with Gamecloud. Thanks, Teresa - it'll be a pleasure to meet you as well!
 !    Why Teresa Wants to Be Antonia (as presented on Quest for Antonia).
I am making Sony's and Stuff Magazine's Quest for Antonia Bayle my own personal quest. With my profound desire to experience the wonder and excitement of the Fantasy world, I am fully immersed in EQ 2. To those who are voting, please recognize that I don't just have the looks to be Antonia, but my strong desire to be Antonia is represented in my commitment to create my own costume and prepare photos specifically for this contest. I understand the regal nature of the Queen of Qeynos and know that I can represent her well to her fans, as one of her fans. I also have the modeling experience to properly represent Antonia on behalf of SOE. I want to be the-real life version of Antonia because I possess the physical attributes to properly represent her, I have the class and passion to present her character respectfully, and I want my fellow gamers to be proud of their real-life Antonia as she makes her future public appearances.

Thank you, Teresa Noreen



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